The purpose and call for missions at CLC is two-fold.

First and foremost we know that we are called to be the release point of the hope and grace of Christ within our local community. To answer this call we have established a number of avenues to reach outside of our individual congregation. Through regularly scheduled outreaches we strive to meet the needs of those in our community. We do this by providing items for school children, seasonal clothing, food items, as well as those simple everyday items like a moment of prayer, a haircut, a helping hand in handling governmental red tape and other things that come up from time to time. At CLC we take very seriously our responsibility to the Lord to be His hands, His eyes, and His point of ministry in the community He has placed us.

Secondly at CLC we have a very strong call to the nations. We have formed many mission teams to visit foreign countries and also give regular support to missionaries living in foreign land. We have been blessed to be involved in over 20 countries and continue to seek the Lord as He opens up more doors and provides more opportunities.

As we Reach out, Restore in relationship, and train up to Release, our desire is to provide a venue for each member of the body of Christ to fulfill that mission call to “go forth”. You may wonder how such a relatively small church can accomplish all of this. We feel the need to respond to this responsibility so strongly that each and every week we set aside 10% of our offerings to meet this need. As we have made this financial commitment we have seen the Lord move mightily in our midst with miracle after miracle after miracle. We invite you to join with us as we seek to make a difference. Help us to make a difference in Southern Indiana, a difference in the United States, and a difference in the world.

Do you feel a hunger to ‘go forth’? Come join with us as we strive to answer that call.

Local Missions

World Missions